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Noo-Psyche Review
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Mehaffy-- mehaffydr Noopsyche K7 V3 on Monster tank
Brandon Lim-- Ruffles  ↓↓ Noopsyche K7 V3 VS K7 PRO II Side By Side↓↓ 
Even with almost equal settings, in comparison, the K7 V3 is really producing a much more beautiful colour, and is much brighter.
CJH - Jakarta --Chris Hawkes 
Noo-Psyche K7 V3 reef LEDs ↓↓   Lawrence Bray
Noo-Psyche K7V3 reef LEDs  ↓↓   Mibu's Reef
8 inches from water surface:
Noo-Psyche K7V3 reef LEDs  | Polan Michael
Noo-Psyche K7V3 reef LEDs | aquarium saltwater reef tank
    Noo-Psyche K7V3 reef LEDs   | Maria's 75 gallon ↓↓ 
    Noo-Psyche K7 V3 reef LEDs | Diy 6'L 125g rimmed reef tank | Gtinnel
    28 gallon nano tank | Gray Cody 

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