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What is the best tank filtration system for novices? Does Berlin system work?


A brief introduction to Berlin's natural ecosystem:Filtration system of seawater breeding tank.One of the differences between sea water tanks and fresh water tanks is that the sea tanks have their own independent filtration system.

Next, I will tell you one of the most common aquarium filtration system
Berlin system.
The Berlin system is a sea aquarium system that was spread through Berlin, Germany in the 1990s.
Focus on simulating natural marine ecological environment
Because it has a high degree of coordination with other aquarium breeding systems.
At the same time, the operation is relatively simple, and most of its investment is one-time investment, but it can be used for a long time, so the Berlin system is also a kind of sea tank filtration system that is more suitable for novices.
The composition of the Berlin system can be briefly summarized into 4 parts, namely water pump, protein skimmer, light, and live rock.
Now we come to understand in detail.
The core of the Berlin system is the live rock and protein skimmer. The high-quality fresh live rock contains a large number of bacteria, and at the same time it has a large number of crevices and holes, which will have a better culture effect.

Protein skimmer
The main function of the protein separator is to separate some protein impurities in the aquarium from the water body by means of physical filtration by generating bubbles, thereby reducing the production of NO2 and NO3

Water pump
Divided into wave pump and water pump
The function of the wave pump is mainly to simulate the waves in the ocean tank and form water currents in the tank. Because the biological activities such as predation of corals all require water flow, at the same time a certain water flow can drive the flow of oxygen in the tank, so that the nitrifying bacteria can work better. The upper water pump is also called a suction pump, which is responsible for pumping the filtered water from the sump back into the sea tank.

If you want to get good light, you must rely on lamps. The reason for providing light is that the growth and color of corals need light.
At present, LEDs, fluorescent tubes (T5 tubes) and tortoise shell halogen lamps are widely used in the market. As for which lamp to choose, you think I do noopsyche reef light, you should know which lamp to choose, right? Thank you for your support in advance~~
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Live rock
Live rock is mainly composed of dead coral. It is a light porous rock with calcium carbonate. It is generally collected from the coral reef area. It is usually transported with ice or water. It contains sea water. In Dai Liang’s flora, there are also a variety of small creatures, including isopods, copepods, sea anemones, tube worms, and small crabs.
Because live rock contains a large number of biological flora, such as nitrifying bacteria and denitrifying bacteria, it has a very strong ability to process nutrients.

To sum up
The Berlin system is based on the core of the live rock, coupled with auxiliary equipment such as protein separators, lamps, and water pumps to form a simulating natural marine aquarium ecological environment, thereby forming a marine aquarium filtration system that can maintain the ecological balance of the aquarium