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NooPsyche K7 Mini Kit 60W APP control Flex Arm
NooPsyche K7 Mini Kit 60W APP control Flex Arm
  • Muat gambar ke penampil Galeri, NooPsyche K7 Mini Kit 60W APP control Flex Arm
  • Muat gambar ke penampil Galeri, NooPsyche K7 Mini Kit 60W APP control Flex Arm

NooPsyche K7 Mini Kit 60W APP control Flex Arm

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Noo-Psyche K7 Mini is an Brand New Marine Aquarium coral light with Smart App WiFi Control. Perfect for bedroom/office fish tank. Keeping a spectrum that will be optimal for coral health and growth. The K7 MINI can slowly ramp up during the day then edge down for the evening, just like a sun

Q: What is the mounting height for Noopsyche K7 mini?
A: Recommended mounting height for Noopsyche fixtures is roughly 6" -12" from the water's surface to achieve the optimal light spread.

Q: How wide the Noopsyche coverage?
A: The coverage of Noopsyche is ∠90°. If light power wide ∠120° or even ∠150°, it will spillage and probably need a diffuser. Noopsyche is more concentrated irradiation, Par penetrates deeper. No spillage when hanging higher.
  • Automatic sunrise and sunset.
  • More concentrated photons
  • Lightweight, high-end and simple
  • Deeper Penetration
  • Advanced Color Control
  • Light Shaping Capability
  • More even color distribution
  • Higher Photon Volume Density


The Noopsyche K7 has the outstanding light mixing and shimmer effect. NooPsyche K7 Mini LED light can meet the needs of nano SPS dominated systems with ease. Thanks to Noopsyche’s Borosilicate Glass Lens, you can cover your tank in brilliant light output. Using Noopsyche App, tuning the light for optimal coral growth and coloration is easy.

Customer Reviews

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Jake Newton

The actual device is top notch. I've had hygger, AI blades, Viparspectra, and the dingy fluval lights. The Noopsych would be my choice out of all of them.

There are negatives however. First, the app is extremely cumbersome. I understand the instructions were translated and it is what it is. But I was on the brink of having to return it because I couldn't get the app to work.

Secondly, finding out how to purchase was difficult as well. I checked Amazon, BRS, and others. It was only by luck I found a reddit post linking the noopsych website. And the website clearly wasn't a scam. But it looked an awful lot like one.

I think your lights could massively disrupt the current market. The big brands are charging absurd prices. Noopsych is comparable quality. But if you don't fix the retail and software side of the product it's going be stuck as a niche product.

Doesn’t make sense to buy more expensive lights

This light will grow anything you want. I have two over a 25 penisula. Once I get a bigger tank I’ll get two more. The Wi-Fi function works well. Some of the app is in Chinese but whatever if you’re saving hundreds on lighting can’t complain about it.

Thank you for your support! The language will switch to English follow the system. If you need assistance or feedback, please let me know and we will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Lili Ghoni
K7 mini kit 60w


Jeremy Jeremy
Powerful little light

This light does very well for the price point. Perfect for a NaNo tank. The app is tricky at first but after that it is golden

Go to led light

Have these on 4 different tanks ranging from 15 gallons to 49 gallon - all reef tanks. Can grow and take care of any coral to include sps and anemones (one of my tanks below)