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NooPsyche K7 Mini Kit 60W APP control Flex Arm

NooPsyche K7 Mini Kit 60W APP control Flex Arm




Noo-Psyche K7 Mini is an Brand New Marine Aquarium coral light with Smart App WiFi Control. Perfect for bedroom/office fish tank. Keeping a spectrum that will be optimal for coral health and growth. The K7 MINI can slowly ramp up during the day then edge down for the evening, just like a sun

Q: What is the mounting height for Noopsyche K7 mini?
A: Recommended mounting height for Noopsyche fixtures is roughly 6" -12" from the water's surface to achieve the optimal light spread.

Q: How wide the Noopsyche coverage?
A: The coverage of Noopsyche is ∠90°. If light power wide ∠120° or even ∠150°, it will spillage and probably need a diffuser. Noopsyche is more concentrated irradiation, Par penetrates deeper. No spillage when hanging higher.
  • Automatic sunrise and sunset.
  • More concentrated photons
  • Lightweight, high-end and simple
  • Deeper Penetration
  • Advanced Color Control
  • Light Shaping Capability
  • More even color distribution
  • Higher Photon Volume Density


The Noopsyche K7 has the outstanding light mixing and shimmer effect. NooPsyche K7 Mini LED light can meet the needs of nano SPS dominated systems with ease. Thanks to Noopsyche’s Borosilicate Glass Lens, you can cover your tank in brilliant light output. Using Noopsyche App, tuning the light for optimal coral growth and coloration is easy.

Customer Reviews

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Brian Raymann

NooPsyche K7 Mini 60W APP control with Flex Arm

Jason Teoh
Angle adjustment problem

Performance is ok just the light angle adjustment is not convenient as I to need tape to lock for the right angle

Angus MacDonald
Happy with purchase

Took about 3 weeks to arrive in Brisbane Australia. Had a small scratch on the side of the light but nothing else which seemed to be an issue. Connects well with app and simple to use. Hopefully the corals will like it. I'd add pictures but can't see any option to do that.

Hudson Haynie
It’s a decent light, just needs some improvements

I like the light, here’s a list of pros and cons

- it’s affordable, best value I’ve found
- it gives good coral color
- it’s powerful enough to grow anything I want

- I hate the app, it’s the most frustrating controller I’ve ever used. Convert to Bluetooth like everyone else please!
- it’s only blue, you can pick the shade, but the white channel is nearly an afterthought. Please make it a fuller spectrum. The white channel should be able to light the tank on its own.

Can't get the app to work

The lights seem like they're going to be good - but we're still struggling to get them to communicate with my phone via the app. I wish there was a manual method to turn them on and off. The directions say use LAN connection - we got farther with the AP connection - but still can't get to where they work. Very frustrating.

Dear Cheryl, the light's 'L' button turns the light on and off.
Both the product link and the manual say that the LAN connection mode only supports 2.4Ghz LAN. other brands of lights are the same. This is related to your home LAN, your home 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks are combined, you need to set up separate SSIDs for your home LAN, nothing about your android Galaxy A42 5G cellphone, you got a misunderstanding