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Noopsyche K7 pro iii v3 led coral light App control wifi version

NooPsyche K7 PRO III kit with arm bracket

Normaler Preis
Normaler Preis

    Size(the light):21*12.5*3(cm)/8.28" x 5" x 1.18"
    Include: Light, Arm bracket
    The highest height of arm: 30cm (12 inches)
    Weight(light): 2.5(kg)
    Input:100-240V  50/60Hz  3.5A
    Warranty: ONE year
    Cord Length: From light to power adapter 108 inches, From power adapter to plug 59 inches. Overall length 169 inches

    Q: What is the mounting height for Noopsyche K7 PRO III?
    A: Recommended mounting height for Noopsyche fixtures is roughly 8" -12" from the water's surface to achieve the optimal light spread.
    Q: How wide is the Noopsyche coverage?
    A: The coverage of Noopsyche is ∠90°. If light power wide ∠120° or even ∠150°, it will spillage and probably need a diffuser. Noopsyche is more concentrated irradiation, Par penetrates deeper. No spillage when hanging higher.
    • Use the high-power LED copper substrate thermoelectric separation conduction, which greatly increases load capacity and the life of the LED by having a stronger heat carrying capacity and dissipation.

    • Two special high purity borosilicate glass of puck lens be put at the most perfect distance emerge the most perfect uniform color and beautiful mixing and shimmer light.

    • Noo-Psyche coral light beads and lens are made of high quality quartz material and high borosilicate glass, high temperature resistance can reach 1022°F. 99% optical efficiency. It is obviously superior to the other materials lens in terms on thermal properties, optical properties, mechanical properties and chemical properties

    • High Power Strong Engine. keep the lighting warm but not overheat. When the temperature rise, the fan will auto on. it will auto off when the temperature drops

    • Automatic sunrise and sunset
    • Lightweight, high-end and simple
    • Deep Penetration
    • Unique accumulation effect on light
    • Light Shaping Capability
    • More even color distribution 
    • No spots
    • Higher Photon Volume Density

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Kairo Sherman
    New Light

    So far I’m loving the K7 PRO lll! Easy to set up, quiet operation and nice clean look. App is a little frustrating and takes some getting use too. Overall very satisfied with purchase.

    Jeff Smith
    Third light purchased

    Added a third light to my 240 such I feel is just about perfect.

    Christian Whittington
    Great spectrum light, somewhat difficult to use

    Had some issues with using the app through the wifi connection on iOS, the app kept informing me that I needed to turn on location services, I did that and I can’t use the light through wifi. I am going to try using the AP connection and I’ll see if that works. The diffuser was a great addition and I can’t wait to see how the corals respond long term

    Steve Bennett
    Nice Lights, Difficult Connection

    Lights seem to be a good value. Currently I am cycling this tank so just playing around with the Lights. Connecting to them with my phone is a bit cumbersome but I got through it. Hoping they last well.

    Sven Klitgaard
    K7 V3

    Nice solid light. Running it 12" over my 18" acro cube.
    Using sps program to start.