NOO-PSYCHE Makes Hobbies Affordable


  • Q: How do I buy in bulk for my coral shop?
  • A: To buy in bulk for your shop, please pm us by Inbox or email.


  • Q:Where is the manufacturer of Noopsyche? Does noopsyche have its own spectroscopic researchers?
  • A:We are the manufacturer of noopsyche, located in China. We focus on R&D, manufacturing and production of reef lights,We have our own spectral research, light bead designers and shell designer.


  • Q:How many lights do I need for my reef aquarium?
  • A:(The recommended quantity is determined according to your LPS/SPS)  15"to24"L(1 140w K7V3)  ;   25"to48"L(2~3 140w K7V3)  ;  49"to71"L(3~4 140w K7V3)  ;  72"to88"L(4~5 140w K7V3)


  • Q:What carrier is used for shipping from China, and how many days does it take?
  • A:In order to ensure delivery efficiency, we cooperate with DHL.Normal 3-5 working days once shipment picked up by DHL Express.


  • Q:How do I know if my K7 V3 LED reef lights is under warranty?
  • A:Please contact us and provide the serial number of the K7 V3 LED reef light, if your light is still under warranty, we will notify you.


  • Q:What should I do if found the light has issue when unboxing and checking?
  • A: Please contact us return&refund or after-sale repair&compensation.


  • Q:Will the warranty expire if I disassemble the Noopsyche light myself?
  • A:Ask noopsyche for permission before taking it apart. If you have any after-sales problems, please contact us, we absolutely help to solve.


  • Q:Should I perform regular maintenance on my K7 V3 LED reef lights?
  • A:Yes, we recommend clean lights every month to prevent accumulation of dust and debris. Be careful of moisture.Wiping the light with a dry cloth on a regular basis can also help prevent salt accumulation.