• Q:Where is the manufacturer of Noopsyche? Can we buy directly from the manufacturer?
  • A:We are the manufacturer of noopsyche, located in China. We focus on R&D, manufacturing and production of reef lights.This website is the official global online store of NOOPSYCHE.You can buy directly on this website


  • Q:How many lights do I need for my reef aquarium?
  • A:(The recommended quantity is determined according to your LPS/SPS)  15"to23"L(1 140w K7V3)  ;   25"to47"L(2~3 140w K7V3)  ;  49"to70"L(3~4 140w K7V3)  ;  71"to88"L(4~5 140w K7V3)


  • Q:What carrier is used for shipping from China, and how many days does it take?
  • A:In order to ensure delivery efficiency, we have long-term cooperation with DHL or FedEx.Normal 3-5 working days DHL or FedEx express.We will choose whichever is faster


  • Q:How do I know if my K7 V3 LED reef lights is under warranty?
  • A:Please contact us and provide the serial number of the K7 V3 LED reef light, if your light is still under warranty, we will notify you.


  • Q:What is the life span of my K7 V3 LED reef light?
  • A:Our lights have a normal life expectancy of 35,000 hours, about 5-7 years for most customers. There are many factors that can reduce the life expectancy of the light such as the environment (humidity, moisture, salt creep, and temperature) as well as the maintenance of the light. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the light are important and if not performed, it may affect the longevity of the light.


  • Q:Does deep cleaning of my K7 V3 led reef light invalidate the warranty?
  • A:Turning on your K7 V3 led reef light for deep cleaning will invalidate the warranty, and it is not necessary if you perform regular maintenance.


  • Q:Should I perform regular maintenance on my K7 V3 LED reef lights?
  • A:Yes, we recommend using compressed air to clean K7 V3 LED reef lights every 2-3 months to prevent accumulation of dust and debris. Wiping the light with a dry cloth on a regular basis can also help prevent salt accumulation.