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Why Choose LED

LED is the most popular lighting for reef aquariums, primarily due to its high energy efficiency. Most units are controllable and. Even better news: LEDs generally last many years. They run cooler and can achieve the same light intensity with a smaller energy footprint than traditional lighting.

Why Choose NP LED

The new revolutionary NooPsyche K7-V3 reef light uses high-power LED copper substrate thermoelectric separation conduction, which greatly increases the life of the LED by having a stronger heat carrying capacity and dissipation.

NP Scientific Design

The mixing spectrum technology uses the scientific design of thickened concave-convex mirrors to provide uniform light and color without loss of light output efficiency, making the water have a shimmer close to the natural sunlight on reef.

From the first day I received noopsyche K7 v3, I have full confidence in these lamp series. The result exceeded my expectations: I got the coveted reef led light effect, and the SPS coloring made me very satisfied. My corals have shown bright colors, are strong and grow fast in my 3-month-old aquarium.
Contrast cost-effectiveness, noopsyche is highly recommended

Amir Pinepal

I've kept soft corals and a few LPS for a while but I really would like to venture into the world of SPS now. My current light is definitely not adequate for SPS so I'd like to get a good light like one of these since it was recommended by my friends. I live in Bangkok so it can be difficult to find high quality brands like this but after some searching I found Noopsyche K7 reef light.
Thanks for the help!


I was recommended this light by a friend that has established reef tanks. He came over and got my par on the tank, and we had to put this light on the lowest setting for my 29 breeder tank. I have frogspawn, gsp, zoas, a mushroom, and a leather coral. They are all doing great right now on that lowest setting. I would highly recommend this light. It made the hobby much more affordable to me.


I’m getting around 400-450 mmol at about 18” for two units over 2’ x 3’ area. All channels were running at 100%, which is still quite blue for me. Quite a big step up from the V2. Colour blending is better than G4 radions and full intensity is more blue. I was loving this light until all mine melted

Hugo from R2R