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Noopsyche K7 pro iii v3 led coral light App control wifi version

NooPsyche K7 PRO III kit with arm bracket

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      Q: What is the mounting height for Noopsyche K7 PRO III?
      A: Recommended mounting height for Noopsyche fixtures is roughly 8" -12" from the water's surface to achieve the optimal light spread.
      Q: How wide is the Noopsyche coverage?
      A: The coverage of Noopsyche is ∠90°. If light power wide ∠120° or even ∠150°, it will spillage and probably need a diffuser. Noopsyche is more concentrated irradiation, Par penetrates deeper. No spillage when hanging higher.
      Why do Noopsyche produce amazing output with lower wattage?
      • Core strengths - high power LED copper substrate
        Use the high-power LED copper substrate thermoelectric separation conduction, which greatly increases load capacity and the life of the LED by having a stronger heat carrying capacity and dissipation. The PCB base metal of most brands is aluminum, there is a dielectric layer between their LEDs and the PCB base metal, resulting in lower thermal conductivity efficiency. The base metal of Noopsyche PCB is copper, which does not require a dielectric layer to directly contact the LED to achieve the best thermal conductivity effect. It means more light for your reef with the same power draw as before.

      • High borosilicate glass
        Noo-Psyche coral light beads and lens are made of high quality quartz material and high borosilicate glass. high temperature resistance can reach 1022°F(550°C). 99% optical efficiency. The production cost is higher than other LED brands which use silicone lens. Real sunlight is a point light source, and K7 PRO III's reasonable 2 point light source distance (unlike Kessil AP9X's too wide distance) not only ensures excellent color mixing, but also is closer to the shimmer of the sun.

      • Powerful auto Fan
        High Power Strong Engine. keep the lighting away from overheat

      • Programmable sunrise and sunset
      • Light body 0.76kg(1.67Lb)
      • Lifespan 7 to 10 years(No attenuation)
      • More even color distribution 
      • No spots, higher Photon Volume Density

       K7 PRO III is the App version of K7 V3, it run by APP rather remote controller

      Size(the light):21*12.5*3(cm)/8.28" x 5" x 1.18"
      Include: Light, Arm bracket
      The highest height of arm: 30cm (12 inches)
      Input:100-240V  50/60Hz  3.5A
      Warranty: ONE year
      Cord Length: From light to power adapter 108 inches, From power adapter to plug 59 inches. Overall length 169 inches

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 38 reviews
        Christian David

        NooPsyche K7 PRO III kit with arm bracket

        Thomas Giannini
        Efficient customer service

        I received it in 10 days to EU, the product is beyond even what I expected. I was afraid it would be hard to setup, but with the videos on NooPsyche website everything went smooth. I'd buy again if I decide to upgrade my tank.

        Sophia Stoney
        Neat Light

        The app is a bit tricky but I am enjoying the light thus far. The control I have over the many colors offered is amazing. I'm happy and so are my corals!!

        Brian Raymann

        Second purchase. Seems very well built . Love the Color over a smatfarm light. Grows coral no problem. In fact par metered my 125 gallon reef was at 600 at top of rockwork. Had to reduce by half.

        Darren Huang

        Good quality product