NooPsyche K7 Mini 60W APP wifi control
Noo-Psyche K7 Mini Coral light detail image
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NooPsyche K7 Mini 60W APP wifi control

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Noo-Psyche K7 Mini is an Brand New Marine Aquarium coral light with Smart App WiFi Control. Perfect for bedroom/office fish tank. Keeping a spectrum that will be optimal for coral health and growth.
The Noopsyche K7s has the outstanding light mixing and shimmer effect. NooPsyche K7 Mini LED light can meet the needs of large SPS dominated systems with ease. Thanks to Noopsyche’s Borosilicate Glass Lens, you can cover your tank in brilliant light output. Using Noopsyche App, tuning the light for optimal coral growth and coloration is easy.

Max Coverage:K7 Mini (24" x 24")
Recommended Coverage: 20" per K7 Mini light 

The maximum installation width of the bracket: 12mm(0.47inch). Please confirm whether the thickness of your tank within 12mm(0.47inch) before buying


more concentrated photons
Smart app Control
Deep Penetration
Advanced Color Control
Light Shaping Capability
More even color distribution
Higher Photon Volume Density

Category: aquarium reef illumination

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Darnell Umagat

Took about 3 weeks shipping, but worth the wait. Strong and powerful. No doubt it is strong enough for SPS

Allan White
Great value

I just received light today and am not tech savvy, however I got it working. Light spectrum is broad and easy to adjust.

Projects with Sam
Great Light Fast delivery - 1st gen products with Wi-Fi a success!

Quality construction for a small light.
Great price for the features, spectrum and Wattage.
Had some difficulty setting it up without reading the instructions or watching the YouTube; but I was still able to figure it out. (almost went to YouTube)
App is nice and functional but not polished.
Some word substitutions for the English speaking market would vastly improve the overall impression of the app.

Noo-Psyche's first generation of products with Wi-Fi seem like a big success. The 3 K7v3 lights I own have been running about a year without a hiccup. I cannot wait to get some time with the K7mini.
I hope the Engineers at Noo-Psyche consider offering upgrade boards for their K7V3s!

Earle Decker
Really nice led light.

My light took about 3 weeks to arrive.

Light arrive well packed and in perfect condition. Super straight forward to put together and install.

Once you get connected to your Wi-Fi, which will probably be difficult for some. Really wish they included Bluetooth.

Have hourly control of intensity is awesome. Light is very bright. Makes my nicrew seem dim.

My trumpet coral has never looked so good. My frogspawn seems thicker.

Super happy. Would buy again with no hesitation.

Johann Garcia Hernandez
The worst experience ever

I've been in the hobby for more than 10 years, I bought this light, just out of curiosity, after almost a month of waiting I still haven't received it... I can't speak about the quality of the product and frankly at this point I'm not interested. .. because what will happen if the product fails .. I don't even want to think about it, the truth is I'm very disappointed and frustrated with the experience .. I'm still using kessil, aqua illumination and echotech marine .. I prefer to stay away from here .. it's my most sincere thought😩😵‍💫🤯

We find that delivery was done on the day your comment was made. October 1st to 7th is a one-week holiday of China (once per year), orders can only be arranged after that, I'm sorry for the delay caused by force majeure.